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We all know that real estate still holds the base of the functioning of the economy in Western Europe.
Or as my father always said: ' real estate, always good ' and real estate is the largest business in the world!
When the buildings and ground where they stand is worth nothing anymore, then all lost its worth. Also money.
Therefore banks finance companies if the financing is covered with the security of real estate.

We all see that the overall market is pretty quiet.

Impairment losses up to 20-40% and in some cases much more. Largely created by supply and demand from the past and expected future value increases of speculation, real estate and of course by apparent overfunding by the then financing policy.
This has caused the worldwide economic crisis and the concomitant current problems that fall at us all and will continue to haunt us.
But the society remains working, that's for sure. Crisis or no crisis, there is no stop. The society that is you, I. and the environment around us.
Take command of the game itself and think logical. Let the B.V. work. With B.V. is meant: Boeren Verstand (farmers sense).

Trade has been and continues to be difficult, that's always been the case and that will always remain so.

The Government forces us to take steps because it devalues money. Look at the current historically low interest rates. We do nothing, then our money shrinks and we are poorer. In the future there will be, to my idea, also more inflation otherwise the authorities will never clear out their debts. The more inflation, the more the debt on the balance will be evaporated. An unavoidable future scenario, that's for sure.

Of course the problem of apparent overfunding plays from the past on the real estate market by almost all European banks. Some of them provided funding up to 120% of the value of the real estate.

It should be mentioned that the German banks dont, or barely know this problem practically, because they use a different funding policy. When someone buys a property and wants to have a German bank finance it, the buyer must pay 20-30% themselves, the rest is funded by the bank. This was so in the past and is now even so. Here, one can format that the funding policy, in regards to real estate, may differ upto 40-50% between German banks and other European banks.