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The reality is that you must create your own opportunities and need to make a success of them.
Can not, is a note that I don't know.
Creative, inventive and solution oriented thinking, that's what I do.

Knowledge of the market, insight on what goes on, wide-oriented contacts, doing business on the basis of this and create agreements, ensuring that the deal gets on paper and not to forget, able to act decisively on the moments when the opportunities come by, that is what it is about.

You get nothing for nothing.

This means that if there is money needed, it needs to be available. When the money is available, business can be done, then there is a possibility of making profit. Together you are stronger.

Increasingly I encounter parties, individuals, business and developers, who have a liquidity problem.
They come with the question whether, I want to finance, or that I know of a party, that can take over(of course with mortgage security) the real estate that they have to sell, or hold in their portfolio.
Often these are homes and sometimes construction projects that still need to be started or already started, but where the money tap was turned off at the last moment by the suppliers and/or banks, because, for example, the sales are not smooth, the buyers for some reason shun or because similar projects in the same environment that, by the longer lead time needed to realize, are offered about 10-20% cheaper.
I only do this, ofcourse, against sharp (enforcement) prices.

The objective is to make a part of the money/capital liquid again, so fast and good profits can be made.
Often these objects need some overdue maintenance and/or repairs, but through the years I got quite handy at this and I know the right contractors who can do this work for the right price.

My idea is: that several investors in the first instance, bring in money, covered by mortgage securities with the goal to receive reasonable profits and/or shares in these profits. We will also cooperate with the banks. Currently mainly German banks since these banks have more than sufficient liquidity. And also be prepared to co-finance herein. Hopefully in the future this cooperation also follows with the Dutch banks.

The need to have good contacts is now greater than ever.

We would then be able to create a money pot where everyone has his share, with, of course,his share of mortgages so that we have the ability to act effectively and decisively in case opportunities/bargains come by, for example, when a solution must come for a selling party.

In addition to buying and selling in some cases we will also go the route of trading in to be able to keep business going. Over the last years I gained a lot of experience with this and often this is the possibility to get a deal done.

The height of the participation is viewed from the, then current, per transaction financing needs and the foreseeable possibility to make it a profitable deal.

And all this has to do with my concept:

Those who can't share, can not multiply.

I am convinced that this is the time to invest in real estate with the knowledge gained in the past and the opportunities that it is going to get in the future. If you want more information or you want to be part of this concept please contact me, so we can see what we can do together for each other.

Arnold Bosman Real Estate B.V.
Arnold Bosman.